Following God's Faithful Down The Ages

This chapter exposes the greatest cover-up in the history of mankind and likewise, the greatest identity theft in world history by drawing upon proven DNA, Genome, Scriptural and Historical FACTS - which were discovered and published by prominent Ashkenazi Jew historians and geneticist doctors - ultimately uncovering the difference between an "Israelite" and an "Israeli". Most Israelites are not looking for validation or recognition and in fact may not identify as Jews. VI) Developed the infrastructures needed to organize and support and expand the International Messianic Israelite Communities. The Israelite Hebrew slaves brought to America are related to these same people; all being Shemitic Africans.

You need to realize that the Caucasian race (the peoples which comprise Anglo-Saxondom) are the Israelites talked about in the Bible, We are the real Jewish race. Throughout the prophetic exile, migration, enslavement and later assimilation” into the American way of life, many African Americans still know that their heritage is rooted in the Holy Land - Israel.

There are also other historical and literary sources that provide such evidence and support the fact that the ancient Hebrew Israelites were "Black". By faith in Jesus, the true Israelite, all people can be reckoned as true Israelites. Hebrew Israelites believe both heaven and hell are conditions - mere states of mind”.

It's in the Bible: "God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and unto the world. Jews are Khazars, not Israelites. He didn't set a date, but his prophecy still heightened the mood of eager anticipation for the coming doom of golden girdle all enemies of the true Israelites.

In Jewish popular culture, the ten tribes disappeared from history, leaving only the tribes of Benjamin, Judah , and Levi to eventually become the modern day Jews. In 1966, African Israelite founder and leader Ben Ammi (the name literally means Son of My People,” formerly Ben Carter of Chicago) claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel.

Whites did not share all the details about black peoples history when they were in charge of all printing media, this was because of racial face they had towards black people. It then came under the control of Greeks, who were at that time, seeking to merge with the Black Persians, not in denying that they were Black people.

↑ In the biblical narrative Joseph's time in Egypt is told in detail, while the story of the migration of the other tribes to Egypt has the character of an addendum explaining how the Israelites all came to be in Egypt even though Jacob was known to be buried in Canaan.

(6) And he said to me, It is a great thing for thee to be called my servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob, and to recover the dispersion of Israel: behold I have given thee for the covenant of a race, for a light of the Gentiles (ethnoon = tribes of Israel), that thou shouldest be for salvation to the end of the Earth.

Even during the life of Yahshua the Messiah, Israelite Yah-wism of that time had became a corrupted ‘ritualistic' system of animal sacrificial worship. The Bible has prophesied long ago of the historical enslavement of the Negroes, Latinos and Native American Indians who are the Israelites spoken of in the Bible.

The scriptures and history proves that these people claiming to be direct descendants of the Ancient Hebrews are actually not. These people make up the multitudes of Israelites, which Betty Rhodes refers to as 'the-red-thread' the blood line people, and include all tribes descending from Jacob's twelve sons and one daughter, Dinah.

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